Dying for Something Shiny

A coin-consuming sea turtle has died after having eleven pounds of spare change from her stomach and abdominal cavity.

Omsin (as she was called by the Thai press, which is “Piggy Bank” in English) died two weeks after having surgery to remove 915 coins removed from her belly. The weight of the loose change eventually caused a crack in the turtle’s shell, leading to a fatal infection. The official cause of death was an intestinal obstruction, which blocked her protein uptake, combined with nickel toxicity, which damaged her immune system. But the behavior that led to her death was much simpler than that specific diagnosis.Continue reading

Do Your Part No Matter What

sunset-kiss stk xchgIt is a lot easier to be a loving, responsive spouse when you feel confident your partner is doing her part. You’ll find it a relative breeze to work together, talk intimately and live life as equals when your perception is he’s doing what he ought to be doing.

But your husband doesn’t always do his part. Your wife doesn’t always talk or behave as she should. Because we all are imperfect, tired, hungry, lonely, put out or fed up, we don’t always do what we know would be the best thing (or even a good thing) to do.Continue reading

Rekindling the Romance in Your Relationship

white roses stkxchgYou meet. You date. You have a vivid sense that no other couple has ever experienced what the two of you have created together. You feel so alive, so on fire for each other. Fast-forward a year or two or five or fifteen and the situation seems so different. Something appears to be missing. Now it’s hard to imagine that you were once that couple who felt so in love.

Where is that sense of romance that once enveloped you?Continue reading