Lars and the Real Girl

lars and the real girl thumbnail.2“Lars and the Real Girl” is a movie you might have missed. Released in 2007, the film stars Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer, and Paul Schneider. Gosling plays the lead character in the film, Lars Lindstrom, a peculiar young man who lives in the garage behind the big house that he and his brother Gus inherited when their father died. Lars’ pregnant sister-in-law Karin is persistent in her attempts to include him in their life as a family, repeatedly inviting him to have breakfast or dinner with them. Lars is equally persistent in his efforts to thwart her efforts.

Lars is able to keep his job and goes to work regularly, but he is so socially inept that he finds it difficult to interact with not only his family, but also coworkers or his fellow parishioners at the Lutheran church he regularly attends.Continue reading